The Startup Hype (and why I really hate it)

Don’t take me wrong – I do love the entrepreneurial spirit and everything connected with ideas, business and entrepreneurship. But I really dislike the hype that has been around building startups in last few years.

Let’s come up with a new “Facebook-meets-Groupon-meets-Foursquare” idea, get funding from the top-ranked angel investors and tech venture capitalists to become the next “Brin-meets-Jobs-meets-Zuckerberg” by selling the company to Google in a year or so… You got it all wrong. Why starting a first business if your only vision is to sell it?

I might have an old-school thinking but first of all, a business should bring a value to someone (while bringing value and joy to you at the same time). Mainly your first one. More and more startups are launched just to be sold. Or worse, they exist just for the sake of existing.

What happens if things don’t go as planned and you’ll get stuck with your “Facebook-meets-Groupon-meets-Foursquare” business for the next twenty years? Without a single investor. Without a cent. Without beautiful headquarters. You said fine? Then you got it right!

Think about it: Why would you start a business just to become someone else´s employee in the end?

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