Pop & Food & Art. Connection of art and food in Prague.

Restaurant SaSaZu is one of my most favourite restaurants in Prague. So when its chef Shahaf Shabtay contacted us that he likes what we do and wants to team up, there was no doubt. Shahaf is crazy. Crazy in a very good way. He keeps spitting new ideas all the time and nothing seems impossible for him. Connecting this with our craziness and the professionalism of his and ours teams made POP FOOD ART happen. Watch the video from the night first:

We wanted to create an extraordinary connection of food and art. And to connect the Asian spirit of SaSaZu with our funky Forbidden Taste style. And the goal? The guests can’t believe what all is happening. And they couldn’t. At one moment, one of the guests stoop up and started singing out loud. No one had an idea he was actually a singer from a music project VR/Nobody, whose performance followed. Or before the main course, waiters brought binoculars to the guests. What would they eat next? They had to take the binoculars and read the menu sprayed by a graffiti artist on the opposite building. At one point, guests were given paint and could have thrown it on the artwork of artist Jan Miko. They could have made their own coffee art or get a tattoo. Orchestra with a DJ? No problem at all.

I learned a lot with Pop Food Art and I think I’ll leave it for a separate post. What I know for sure is that “making ideas happen” is one of the best feeling ever.



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