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INSP.EAT – Jase Harley: “Great artists steal? Maybe great commercial artists, not the real artists.”

Who is Jase Harley? I met Jase a few weeks ago. A super-talented artist and an amazing musician. I was hooked to his music immediately. One week later, the whole hip-hop world was talking about Jase Harley. Why? One of the biggest hits of 2018 – Childish Gambino’s “This is America” sounds VERY similar to Jase’s song “American Pharaoh” – created in 2016.

Do we talk about this in the interview? Not really; INSP.EAT is not that much about sensations. We rather talk about creativity, inspiration, about Jase’s philosophy of Urban Futurism. Why he doesn’t agree with Picasso’s “Good artists copy, great artists steal”? Check the video interview from the Forbidden Spot in Prague with Jase Harley. Or listen to the podcast below the article or on iTunes here:

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Quotes from the interview:

“[My inspiration comes from] living, breathing. Every day that I wake up, every new experience. That’s the key to inspiration – it’s just living. I think that’s the best process. I surround myself with good people. And living becomes an inspiration.”

“I have drafts of different songs. I freestyle stuff. I mostly write in my head.”

“Friends that I trust have known me since we were kids. They would always tell me if something’s whack. I don’t surround myself with yes-men. I want the brutal honesty. If your friends don’t appreciate it, how can the world appreciate it?”

“I don’t really agree with that statement. It’s not ‘good artists copy, great artists steal’. Maybe ‘great commercial artists steal’. I think that’s what they left out of it. Great commercial artists can steal and get rich. But not the real artists. Not the inspirational people, people behind everything. We put emphasis on the legacy and what they’re leaving to the Earth.”

“People get to a certain level and they run out of the inspiration. Coz they’re not around the inspiration anymore. They’re not here, they’re not in Prague, they’re not in Life is Porno, they’re not with the everyday people, the underground, the ones that actually matter. They try to absorb the culture. And this is honestly the whole music industry in general.”

“But it’s always been like that: great commercial artists steal.”

“It’s about patience and timing. Timing is everything. Can’t force it, it’s gotta be organic. Follow my guts, that’s the only way to live”

“There is no place for ego in creation. You have to kill your ego. When you have ego, that’s when you kill your inspiration. Because you can never look at life from a standpoint outside of your own head.”

“I have a lot of ideas in my head and I like to get them out. And my music is therapy.”

“I call myself a futurist. I do feel I’m always in tune with where people are headed.”

“I always think about my music – how would this sound in a movie? Could this score a soundtrack or a film scene?

“What would I tell Donald Trump? That there’s only one American pharaoh. And that’s me.”

“Legacy. Legacy is everything. What you leave to the future generations after you’re gone matters the most.”

The advice to 20-year-old-self: “Keep doing what you’re doing. Fuck what anybody tells you, what they think that you should do. Just keep following your heart ‘coz you’ve got a good head on your shoulders. That’s what I’d tell myself.”

Eric Hall: @mrerichall

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