The “right time”

To begin is often the hardest part of about everything. Yes, there is usually a lot of enthusiasm in the very early days of any project. Then something that was started should actually begin, and it all comes to us. All the laziness, all the questions, all the fear. And all the postponing.

There is never the right time. I realized this more than a year ago when I decided to quit my job. Being able to form Red Bull’s global advertising was indeed a marketing dream job. I knew I could be happy doing this for a few more years. And that would have been a very comfortable solution even though the job was very challenging. I had always wanted to run my own business and everything had been ready for me to do so. The signs started coming from all sides, I still didn’t really listen. I was blindly waiting for “the right time”. And it never came. I had to make it come.

“Unwritten wish is a dream, written becomes a commitment,” they say. I found out lately that one of my goals stayed a dream as it stayed unwritten. It was (a year ago) to launch my own website in one year’s time. And I never did. Why? It could have been done in one day by any of the guys I work with. But the projects kept coming and my calendar has been full even without an own web. There was no trigger for me to begin. And there still isn’t one. Most likely, it would never come. And if it came, it would have been too late.

So welcome to my new website and make sure to begin before the “right time” comes!

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