“Be bold and brave. But cautious.”

It sounds very contradictory. But when I read this advice from an 18th century financier Rotschild, I realized this has been pretty much my strategy with everything I do.

Doing things differently than the others does usually make you bold. And going against the flow when carying them out does makes you brave. But we’ve all seen how much it hurts to be bold, brave but incautious.

Being cautious is very important when planning. “You must exercise your caution in laying your plans, but be bold in carying them out,” Rotschild says. As the World Economic Forum some weeks ago suggested, we do need a new generation of leaders that are willing to pursue bold ideas. These ideas need to be also very well planned though; rather than fixing the holes when the ship is already sinking (yes, very common E.U. practice…).

2013 is supposed to be the year of those who are not affraid. Also the claim of this year´s Bread&Butter tradeshow in Berlin was “BIG TIME – for the bold and brave brands”. But when was I looking around, I had a feeling that most of the brands there rather bets on being cautious only.

We tend to be curious when we are small. And as we grow, the risk of failure comes. I really hope that no matter how big everything around me becomes, I keep being cautious when planning. But f*ckin brave and bold when carying the plans out.

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