Other Than Others

OtherThanOthers is a one-man-show and a network of few hundred at the same time. Focused on marketing strategies, brand marketing, guerilla and non-traditional advertising. Creating and running digital projects as well as tailor-made digital workshops for brands. Always working with the best and sourcing the most quality talent. Based in Prague and ran by Martin Hrnciar, known as Tino.


Marketing strategies:

  • Global Digital Advertising strategy for Red Bull:Co-authoring the digital advertising strategy used globally by Red Bull. Testing and shaping with local Red Bull markets to fit their needs depending on how digitally advanced the market is. Including display, online video, mobile and Facebook advertising, for brand campaigns and for internationally executed events.
  • Global Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy for Red Bull:Working directly with Google Headquarters and Red Bull markets to build up the global Search Engine Marketing strategy.
  • Launch and a Business strategy of a lifestyle brand Life is Porno:Creating, forming and executing the business plan of a lifestyle brand Life is Porno. Including the launch event execution, website build, guerilla marketing activities, sourcing the production partners for products and sales materials, etc.

Digital Workshops:

  • Tailor made workshops:Focused on digital marketing and future trends. One day hands-on seminars followed by a longer term one-on-one consultancy. (Find out more)
  • Consulting:Using digital tools for marketing purposes, productivity and managing teams. For middle and senior management.
  • Global digital advertising workshops at Red Bull Headquarters:Organizing and presenting on various digital advertising topics (2009 – 2012)
  • Speaking at conferences:Topics vary from marketing trends, motivation and entrepreneurship. At public conferences as well as internal company conferences. (Find out more)

Digital projects portfolio:

  • Project management of advertising campaigns, digital activations and microsites for numerous international events and projects. From initial idea, through the strategy creation, to production, execution, adaptation for markets and post analysis.
  • Red Bull´s projects such as Red Bull Skate Arcade (full lead on the project), Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship (TV and digital campaign), World of Red Bull (digital advertising campaign and landing pages), Best Ad Contest (full lead on the project), Doodle Art (full lead on the project including creating the concept), Art of Can and Canimation (digital campaign, CGI animation, microsite)

Connecting brands and agencies with creatives:

Sourcing the right production partners for advertising agencies, brands´ specific campaigns and brand activations. Working closely with wide network of artists, production companies, freelance designers, creatives and musicians. Focusing mainly on digital and guerilla marketing.

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