What can I do for you?

“Digital Guerilla” campaigns:

Real-life guerilla activations brought online. From the idea creation and execution (“in the streets”), through producing all the footage, to seeding strategy and pushing your campaign online.

Sourcing the production partners for advertising agencies and brands:

We often act as an agency for agencies. From the initial idea and strategy, to connecting you with the right production partner for your specific campaign or brand activation. Thanks to years of working intensively with artists, production companies, freelance designers, creatives, tattoo artists, streetartists, filmers, event organizers, actors and photographers, as well as musicians and music producers.

Looking into producing a digital campaign, an online clip or a guerilla or non-conventional brand activation? Brief us and let us connect the best creative minds that are around us for the project.


Marketing strategies, “actionstorming” and consulting:

Introducing a new product or service? Or willing to push it further through digital media? We organize consulting sessions to help you find the optimal way to do so. Depending on the brief, we often involve people from different subcultures to be part of the session. With our approach of the “actionstorming”, we are big fans of brainstorming with specific action steps.


Hire Tino to speak!

Organizing an event or a conference? Hire Tino as a guest speaker. The keynote is made to fit your specific occasion. Topics include digital marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, emerging technologies and future trends. Depending on the audience, Tino also often covers his journey from corporate life to entrepreneurial freedom as well as stories from his travels around the world.

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