The “Living room rule” (Or how to treat comments on blogs and social networks)

There are no comments on my blog. Why? It is very simple. I’ve always thought that Internet discussions in most forms are the worst platform for dialogue of any kind. You rarely (never) see something constructive coming out of them. And as I don’t plan spending hours every day answering them, they would stay a monologue.

I once heard of the “living room rule” and started to apply it on all of the social channels I have (as well as my brand’s and my band’s). People come to your social networks because they’d like to “visit” you or simply find out more about you. Just like your house and your living room. People come because they want to spend some time with you. If you do invite someone to you living room and they start spitting all over your carpet, do you let them? Hell no! That’s why I have no tolerance for hatred on any of my channels. Yes, block the users and kick them out. Same as you would show them the door if they were spitting in your living room.

Same with my blog. It´s like I invited you for a dinner. I did my best to serve you well and prepare the most tasty one I could. You don’t keep asking your visitors to give you their feedback about the dinner you cooked. They might send you a thank-you-sms. But you do see their feedback on your own. Do they come to visit you again? Do they spread the word about your hospitality?

So, any constructive sms, tweet or e-mail is more than welcome. I’m pretty easy to find (see contact details below). And if you feel pleasant while visiting me in my living room – you’re more than welcome to come back at any time. You might even get an invitation via e-mail when I cook a next ‘dinner’. Simply sign in for the newsletter on the right.

Bon apetit!

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