Tailor-made digital workshops for companies:
We offer digital workshops for companies of any size. The seminars are usually 1 or 2 days, very interactive and tailor-made to fit your needs. Prior to the workshop, we try to understand what exactly should be covered and we “build” your workshop from various modules, such as:
  • “Everyday Digital” – Understanding how Internet tools and apps can be used for marketing, effective management and productivity.
  • Social media – Understanding the social media landscape. Hands-on examples how some of the relevant social networks function.
  • Global and local best practices – Case studies from the most successful campaigns. Global and local example of the right (and wrong) use of digital media, mobile, search engines marketing and social networks.
  • “Actionstorming” – Using our signature method of actionstorming, we brainstorm (with specific action) according to the current topics your company wants to execute online.
Organizing an event or a conference?
Hire Tino as a guest speaker! The keynote is made to fit your specific occasion. Topics include digital marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, emerging technologies and future trends. Depending on the audience, Tino also often covers his journey from corporate life to entrepreneurial freedom as well as stories from his travels around the world.
Tino speaks fluent English, German and native Slovak with possibility to switch between the languages.