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INSP.EAT – Werc & Geraluz: “Street art is like acupuncture. You heal the space.”

Video interview with two amazing street artists WERC and GERALUZ. Both of them are from South America but are based in Bushwick, New York City – where we also met for some INSP.EATing.

While having a Mexican brunch in Brooklyn’s Guadalupe Inn, we talked about how cool or difficult is to work together as a couple. I also asked them about their favorite movies, books (and drugs). What’s their ultimate goal as artists? How much of an artist’s life is actual painting? And is living in Bushwick their advantage or disadvantage? Watch here:

Make sure to follow their art:
WERC: Instagram @w3rc & WercWideWebsite
GERA LOZANO: Instagram @geraluz  or Gera’s website

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