INSP.EAT – Adam Katz Sinding (Le 21ème): “Talent doesn’t matter if you don’t practice.”

Adam Katz Sinding is a cult street fashion photographer. He runs “not a f*cking street style blog” Le 21ème and he recently released his first book – “This Is Not A F*cking Street Style Book”.

Adam travels more than 300 days a year around Fashion Weeks all over the world. Why is he constantly on the move rather than taking a day off? What keeps him being productive? Does he consider himself creative? I found out over some good raw vegan food during the Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week. Have a look here:

And what is INSP.EAT? Conversations with inspiring people from street- and food- culture about productivity, inspiration or creativity. Rather than talking in speed, we sit down, enjoy good food and turn “in speed” into “”.

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Links to stuff mentioned in the interview:
Adam’s new book: This Is Not A F*cking Street Style Book (published by Mendo)
Photographers who inspire Adam:
Diane ArbusHenri Cartier-Bresson, Hans Feurer, Viviane Sassen,
Favorite movies:
The Life Aquatic, Revolutionary Road

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