Forbidden Taste pop-up restaurant

Yes, the first half of 2013 has been crazy. I managed to open our own art gallery, sell a few hundred of Life is Porno ACAB caps, speak at few conferences, deliver four international campaigns and also to find my own pop-up restaurant last Thursday together with Ivon. It´s called Forbidden Taste.

The idea came a long time ago. I experienced several pop-up restaurants in different parts of the world. But there has never been one in Prague. Every time Ivon was reading one of the ‘foodies magazines’, I expected her to tell me: “Look – our idea…”. Thanks God it never happened.

But most of the pop-up restaurants concepts around the world were different to what we always had in mind. In most cases, the pop-ups´ owners wanted to test their concept and had a goal to find their own restaurant at some point in the future. Not our case though. We just love great food. And we love experiences. If you connect these two things, it usually attracts the interesting kind of people. So we came up with the Forbidden Taste concept. It has three elements: UNEXPECTED LOCATION + SECRET MENU + INTERESTING PEOPLE = FORBIDDEN TASTE. Plus, most of the restaurants are just boring.

Invited guests find out what the venue is only on the day of the pop-up. They don´t know what the menu is either. And it somehow worked – twenty of our first pop-up guests seemed to really enjoy it. They keep sharing, they keep posting… We connected interesting people, gave them a great gastronomy experience (6-courses menu by our chef with extraordinary wines) in an unexpected location – a former transformation station.

So many ideas for the next pop-up. Many registrations already, as well. But first of all – I´m happy that we did decide that this was the right time and we just made shit happen.

Check the Forbidden Taste pop-up website and have a look how the first pop-up looked like.


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