How to make your business cards stand out? Crumple them.

In the digital era, there is no real point in having a paper business card. The only reason is that everybody expects you to have one. I know many startups that had their business cards way before they even knew what their product was. But that’s another topic.

I survived without a business card exactly for one year since launching our brand. Then a first big trade show exhibit in Berlin came and we knew we had to get some. Easy. Written with a pen on a piece of paper, scanned and sent to be printed. And everybody loved them of course. Some even said – you had to write them all so please keep it and I’ll save your contact in my phone.


It was hard to imagine that any of my further business cards can be any crazier. But my new ones are. Printed on butcher paper, crumpled and then flattened again. When dealing with city officials or suppliers for our pop-up restaurant, I’m always really excited about giving them out. “Please be careful so you don’t crumple it,” I tell them. It takes some time until they get the joke but if they do get it they never forget it.

Forbidden Taste pop-up business card

So what do my business cards tell about me and my businesses?

That I’m creative? I guess.
That I hate stereotype? You bet ya.
That I’m bold? Yup.
That I don’t give a damn and do my thing no matter what everybody says? Yes, Sir.
That I’m other than others? Well, if you say so…

And will most of them remember me? Of course. Who else in this world would have a fake-handwritten business card or a intentionally crumpled one?

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