Best Business Strategy of all Times

Before starting anything new, there will be many naysayers around you. No, I mean really many. You know, those who will state hundreds of reasons why you absolutely shouldn’t move on with your idea.

But you will still do your thing. And (not) surprisingly it works out. Naysayers act cool, all of sudden they stand next to you and want to find out how this “miracle” happened. Meanwhile more and more naysayers keep appearing. And more copycats of course. And with all of them, also the questions like: “Will you be able to keep up with the hype?”. Or “What is the strategy behind this idea of yours?” 

And today I finally put my strategy on the paper. So what has proven to be the best strategy in whatever I have done in my life? Not to talk about my strategy at all. And never to try to convince anybody about it.

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