Barter Era – Trend of Near Future

If you do / make / sell anything that has any value, get ready not to get paid for it. Get ready for trading it for something else you need. The barter era is coming shortly.

The weird situation we have been witnessing in Cyprus confirmed it. Let´s put aside the entire economical aspect of it (why it happened, all the unidentified money from other countries etc.). Imagine that all of sudden all your money is locked in a bank and there is no way to get it out.

Money is often overrated. Yes, the best things are for free. And you can get even better things in exchange for stuff that you do / make / sell. In many communities bartering works excellently. I remember filming a documentary about an ecological village in Denmark during my studies. I couldn´t have believed how well the community functioned. Everybody let the rest use the products they were making. In exchange for their products or services. No, not for free. And no, it wasn´t any kind of communism. Very fair economy where people know the value of their stuff and how much of other people´s stuff can they get for it.

It works perfectly for us in Life is Porno, too. We make and do stuff that has value for someone else who makes or does things that have value for us. So we barter, we hustle, we cooperate. Mainly because we don´t have a luxury of someone else´s money and we fight with our own. But even if you have a full bank account, what if it gets locked today? Think about it and start bartering!

Services like SwapRight or SkillsBarter might be worth trying out. Or – a new Slovak project.

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